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Why Choose Eastern Basements?

We’re Family Owned & Operated.
Eastern Basements is a division of Eastern Mold Remediation. We understand water damage and the repairs and improvements necessary to remove moisture.
Our Work is Warrantied.
Eastern Basements provides a guarantee that supports our dedication to customer satisfaction.
Setting Standards, Exceeding Expectations.
Eastern Basements is a division of Eastern Mold Remediation. We understand water damage and the repairs and improvements necessary to remove moisture.

Call (207) 667-9909

Monday – Friday

7:00am – 5:00pm

Saturday – Sunday

7:00am – 5:00pm

The crawl space is clean and dry. Thanks for the great job!

- Will & Eva
Baldwin, Maine

I would be happy to provide any references you may need in the future

- Chris
Ellsworth, Maine

Great professional company that does professional work and does what they say.

- Marc Caldwell
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Basement Waterproofing

Potential moisture issues may exist anywhere building components are below grade – basements and crawl spaces. Controlling the flow of moisture at the basement level increases energy efficiency and extends the life span of your home. Methods for managing moisture in basements and crawl spaces depend on the basement configuration and building materials.

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Crawl Space Repair

Removing accumulated debris, leaves, rocks, pest droppings and including the crawl space in the building’s thermal boundary by insulating at the rim joist and encapsulating the crawl space will prevent moisture and microbes from rising to the building materials above.

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Foundation Repair

Hydrostatic pressure from water pushing against the foundation will eventually lead to water seepage and cracks. In some situations the foundation wall may begin to bow inward from constant water pressure. Foundation walls can be strengthened with a variety of reinforcements including I-beams, tension posts, brackets, and compression springs.

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Sump Pumps & Dehumidifiers

Rock ledge is predominant in Maine. Water traces ledge and, if a building is constructed over ledge, water may be a continuing problem. The right equipment can control moisture accumulation effectively. Sump pumps, wells, well covers, and back-up batteries are common components in basement water management configurations.

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A couple of the benefits of an interior drainage system are there will be no excavation and the system is easy to service since it is readily accessible. We have the knowledge, supplies, and equipment to manage drainage efficiently and effectively.

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We Can Fix Your Problem From The Inside.

No need to dig up your property to solve your problem.

Improve Your Air Quality

And Lower Your Heating Costs

When warm air rises through your home and escapes through the upper levels it creates suction which draws replacement air from the lower levels – such as basements and crawl spaces – into your living space.

Peace Of Mind

From Local, Family Owned, Certified Professionals

Using state-of-the-art technology we'll clean & fix your basement to prevent future mold growth, and foundation issues. An investment in your home and your family's health

Steer clear of companies that install drainage systems on top of the footing

According to Building America Solution Center, an office of the U.S. Department of Energy, companies should ``Install drain pipe to sit outside of, not on top of, the footings and below the bottom of the concrete slab or crawlspace floor.``

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