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Foundation Repair

We are frequently called upon to fix foundation cracks or to strengthen foundation walls. Property owners often have maintenance items that are nagging to them- basement and crawl space to do lists that don’t seem to get done. We’re happy to assess your task and to create an action plan. Effective foundation repair will stop leaks and damage.

Strengthen & Reinforce – Hydrostatic Pressure from water pushing against the foundation will eventually lead to water seepage and cracks. In some situations the foundation wall may begin to bow inward from constant water pressure. Foundation walls can be strengthened with a variety of reinforcements including I-beams, tension posts, brackets, and compression springs.

A Variety of Repair Options – Basement Crack Repairs require the proper products and application techniques. There are many repair options available. Resins, epoxy, silicate and siloxane sealants, and other penetrating products will keep water from seeping through cracks. It’s vital to know which product to use in specific conditions.


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