Dry Ice Mold Removal

Dry Ice Mold Removal

Dry ice mold removal is frequently used to remove microbial growth, which is efficient and environmentally friendly. It is a thorough mold removal process that produces amazing results.

Dry Ice Mold Removal Photo
Closeup of chunks of dry ice

Cryogenic blasting, using very cold temperatures in dry ice combined with kinetic energy to blast unwanted contaminants, such as microbial growth, is efficient and highly successful. The process is non-corrosive, non-toxic, environmentally responsible, and clean.

Dry ice blasting has a negligible impact on the environment because the ice pellets dissipate on impact, leaving no secondary waste.

Dry ice blasting is a thorough, effective means of remediation, in contrast to other methods that may leave inaccessible areas contaminated.

Dry ice blasting does not introduce chemical compounds into the environment.

Dry ice blasting is sanitary, safe, and strong enough to manage industrial remediation.

Our state-of-the-art equipment is extremely efficient. Our techniques and solutions are environmentally responsible. Our process is innovative, incorporating technological advances and sound safety practices in the remediation industry.